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Wells is a pretty little town with a 100 year colonial history tied to Gold Mining in the Cariboo. After the initial ‘Placer Gold” Rush on Williams and many other local creeks, Wells blossomed in the 1930’s as a hardrock town. 30 years later the company town was throttled back at the same time that the National Historic Site of Barkerville was in its infancy. The following 60 years has seen tourism become the main economic driver of both the province and the community.

Nonetheless, many people in Wells have worked to create a diversified economy, grow the population, and pursue responsible economic development that would celebrate and support each aspect of a vibrant, healthy community.

Latest from the Blog

Bonanza Ledge featured in new case study of BC’s lax regulatory system.

Not Yet a World Leader: Environmental Reviews of Metal Mines in British Columbia, examines the size limits, and other impediments that restrict scrutiny by Environmental Assessment Agencies, of potentially risky mine developments. Stephen Hazell examined Bonanza Ledge, Elk Gold, Premier Gold, Copper Mountain Expansion, and Yellow Giant mines. He takes aim at the size limitsContinue reading “Bonanza Ledge featured in new case study of BC’s lax regulatory system.”

Taking Issue with the Environment.

Osisko Development states they need to put their industrial complex immediately adjacent to our residential community for the sake of the environment. We invite anyone to visit the environment that they are alleging to protect, and to see the current extent of the devastation, and disturbance, and then factor in the additional disruption Osisko proposesContinue reading “Taking Issue with the Environment.”

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